Laser hair removal*- It's safe, effective, potentially permanent and virtually painless


With ever increasing busy lifestyles it is often difficult to fit in an effective fitness routine

Enhance your skin with specialist

Micro-dermabrasion System


Treatment foundation

The oil free formula contains anti oxident vitamins and natural humectants to help protect the skin against environmental assault and moisture loss. Water-based formula provides excellent coverage that can be adjusted from sheer to concealing. This foundation is great for people who suffer with acne or pigmentation and does not contain chemicals or harmful ingredients.

Age Smart

Dermalogica AGE Smart system is the perfect solution for mature and prematurely aged skin. A revolutionary range of products giving a firmer, smoother, healthier and more youthful complexion.


Dermalogica have created a breakthrough ingredient, to produce the most advanced skincare system on the market, for sensitised skin. Dermalogica UltraCalming range contains their exclusive UltraCalming Complex and has been clinically proven to help control the inflammatory pathways that lead to sensitised skin.


Dermalogica ChromaWhite TRx range delivers skin brightening results without the use of potentially damaging lightening ingredients that can impact skin health.When used morning and night, ChromaWhite TRx will not only treat the condition, but will also prevent further hyper-pigmentation.

Fresh Start spot Treatment

Dermalogica have released a pioneering new skin care regime developed specifically for teenage skin. Aimed at alleviating the most common teen skin problems – pimples and acne, oily skin, blackheads, dry and flaky skin, oily T-zone, back acne Dermalogica Clean Start is a complete system for clean, clear and healthy young skin.


A medibac products helps to clears breakouts, reduces congestion and controls shine while smoothing skin texture and diminishing fine lines. An intense spot treatment containing concentrated Sulfur to quickly dry breakouts, while a natural tint helps conceal breakouts. Ideal for people sensitive to Benzoyl Peroxide.

Aloe Vera Products
Aloe Berry Nectar

  • all the benefits of aloe vera gel with the sweater taste of cranberries
  • beneficial for those with urinary tract problems-crystitis etc as cranberries clean the kidney
  • contain potent antioxidant which has an important effects on the protection of the skin
  • vitamin c and pectin in the apples both aid cleansing of the liver which in turn aids the detoxification of the skin

Aloe Vera Gel

  • aloe vera is a natural healer from inside out
  • can be used as a daily nutritional tonic
  • natural anti-inflammatory
  • favoured by people with digestive disorder, artjritis and skin disorders

Bits n' Peaches

  • all the benifits of Aloe Vera Gel
  • solid chunks of pure Aloe Vera
  • refreshing,fruity taste- just like pore peach juice
  • ideal for children

Forever Freedom

  • unique formulation available in an aloe drink form for the first time- providing a practical and nutririous way of defend against the signs of ageing and joint wear
  • increased bio-availability due to aloe vera carrier
  • contains substances naturally occurring in joints
  • fast and effective action
  • preventative measure- for sports people and those with joints problems

Absorbent -C

  • aids absorption of vitamin c
  • powerful antioxident
  • natural antihistamine
  • beneficial for skin and joints respiratory problems and cataracts
  • forever absorbent-c contains no sugar, preservatives, strach or artificial colouring.

Forever Line Ultra

  • for your low-carb lifestyle
  • two shakes provide 100% RDA of vitamins and minerals
  • 55% more protein and less than 50% the carbohydtares of regular forever lite powder
  • approximately 21 servings per can

Forever Vision

  • Provides Bilberry, Lutein and Zeaxanthin
  • Supports normal eyesight
  • Improves circulation to the eyes

Garcinia Plus

  • A used tool in weight management
  • Helps with healthy hair, nails and skin
  • Help lower cholesterol

Aloe ever- shield

  • No aluminium salts
  • Will not stain clothes
  • Can be used directly after shaving and waxing
  • Convenient stick form minimises wastage

Aloe Jojoba

  • Mild cleansing shampoo
  • Relieves irritation from most scalp conditions
  • Suitable for all hair
  • Concentrated ( use sparingly)

Aloe Liquid Soap

  • No tears formula
  • Moisturising cleanser
  • Mild and non-irritating
  • Pupm-action dispenser

Divine Herbal Facial Serum and Hair Oil

Devine Facial Serum

Devine Facial Serum

Divine Herbal Hair Oil penetrates deeply into the scalp to repair damaged hair follicles whilst providing a boost of nutrients which nourish and heal the scalp, encouraging the hair to grow stronger, longer and healthier.

  • 100% natural
  • Absolutely zero side effects
  • Nutrient-rich formula helps prevent hair loss, encourages new hair growth
  • Intensively repairs & conditions damaged/dry hair when used throughout hair.
  • Used successfully by thousands for alopecia and male/female pattern baldness
  • Value for money. One bottle lasts upto 3 months
  • permanent results for the vast majority of customers

Forever Bright Tooth Gel

  • Fights plaque
  • Whitens without bleaching agents
  • Soothing mouth and gum infections with its anti-bacterial action
  • Helps with mouth ulcers
  • Does not contain fluoride
  • Green colour great for kids

Aloe Heat Lotion

  • A warming agent for aches, painful joints and sprains
  • Can be helpful for headaches
  • Bronchial and respiratory problems
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • An ideal massage lotion

Aloe Lips

  • Moisturising lip balm
  • First aid stick
  • Lip gloss
  • Protection in hot and cold temperatures
  • Remedy or prevention of cold sores

Aloe Moisturising Lotion

  • Moisturiser for face and body
  • Hand cream
  • Does not contain lamolin
  • Rice in texture

Aloe MSM Gel

  • Ideal for painful, stiff joints
  • Perfects for strains and sprains
  • Relieves the pain of soft tissue rheumatism such as fibromyalgia
  • Quick relief for sporting injuries
  • Pleasant smelling gel in a non-staining formula
  • Helps with acne due to sulphur content

Aloe Propolis Cream

  • Benefits most skin conditions
  • Propolis is a natural
  • Leaves protective barrier on skin
  • Helps with cold sores and acne

Aloe Sunscreen

  • Higher SPF gives more sunburn protection
  • Provides high protection against sunburn but still enables you to gain a suntan safety
  • Gentle yet potent water- proof formulation which retains SPF after 40 minutes of activity in water
  • Moisturises the skin and helps prolong your tan
  • Excellent for children
  • Aftersun- dual action
  • Natural insect repellent

Aloe Vera Gelly

  • First Aid application for all skin problems (including acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, burns, prickly heat and sunburn)
  • Idea soother after electrolysis
  • Use around hairline when perming or colouring hair.

Alpha E Factor

  • Superb combination of powerful antioxidants
  • Enhances elasticity
  • Normalise and balances dry skin
  • Suitable for the most sensitive skins
  • Reduce scaliness - e.g. in eczema and psoriasis
  • Antibiotic ingredients help fight acne and other common skin infections


  • Smoothing cleanser for gentle suppleness.Perfectly controls and smoothes the hair structure. Makes coarse hair smooth and supple


  • Smoothing cream for velvety suppleness. Perfectly smoothes and controls the hair. Provides anti frizz protection.



Devine Herbal Hair Oil

Devine Herbal Hair Oil


























  • Intensive Smoothing treatment for luxurious suppleness. Perfectly smooths and controls the hair structure. Detangles, calms and controls the hair structure. Cares for coarse hair and creates suppleness


  • Moisturising cleanser for normal to dry hair. Provides long-lasting moisture without overloading the hair. Improves combability.


  • Moisturising conditioner for normal to dry hair. Effectively moisturizes hair without overweighing. Protect actively from drying out. Immediately provides noticeable softness.


  • overweighing Long lasting protection from drying out. Provides noticeable softness. For normal to coarse hair.


  • Repairing Cleansing. Repairs and gives hair an even structure. Ensures an easy combability.


  • Structure improving haircare cream. Makes hair supple to the touch. Effectively regenerates hair in just 30 seconds.


  • Ultimate repair. Repairs hair up to 100% after one application. Protects hair from further damage. For highly damaged hair.


  • Weightless strengthening cleansing. Strengthens fine hair without overweighing it. Creates light volume.


  • Weightless conditioning. Stabilises the hair from within. Creates long-lasting volume.


  • Weightless intensive care for fine hair. Strengthens and stabilises the hair from within. Weightless finish.


  • Colour protecting cleanser with 3D technology. Ensures long lasting colour brilliance. Protects against colour fading and colour shifting.


  • Colour protecting conditioning through 3D technology. Ensures long lasting color brilliance. Provides noticeable smoothness to colored hair. Protect against color fading and shifting


  • Intensive colour protecting treatment. Protection for long lasting colour freshness. Intensive protection against colour fading and colour shifting.


  • Shine enhancing cleansing. Removes residues that make the hair dull. Cares for the hair to add shine.


  • Shine enhancing conditioning. Improves light refl ection by smoothing the hair surface. Enhance overall shine. Noticeable better feel and combability.


  • Intensive treatment for ultimate light reflection. Promote noticeable shine. Smoothen the hair for flawless light reflection.


  • Gentle dandruff removal and cleansing. Removes dandruff gently and efficiently. Protects against new dandruff formation from first wash.


  • Regulating intensive anti-dandruff treatment. Sustainably fights even stubborn dandruff. Long-term freedom from dandruff for up to 2 months after regular treatment over 4 weeks.


  • Regulating anti-dandruff care. Fights dandruff formation. Prevents irritation of the scalp.


  • Soothing cleansing. Gently cares for sensitive scalps with a skin friendly pH value. Ideally prepares the scalp for hair-loss treatments.


  • Soothing lotion. Relieves tension and itchiness. Soothes and conditions sensitive scalps. pH-neutral, alcohol-free & fragrance-free.


  • Soothing intensive treatment for sensitive scalps. Relieves itchiness and soothes the scalp. Strengthens the skin's own protective barrier.


Collagen ShotsBe Skinny Drink Me













































 Nioxin is a series of hair products and scalp treatments that help optimize the health of the scalp resulting in youthful, healthy-looking, and often thicker hair. Nioxin utilizes advanced technology(developed over more than 20 years), including:

  • BioAmp: glycol-proteins that are designed to add thickness and strengthen the hair from inside the cuticle. Cystine acids work to seal the cuticle and help repair damaged fine hair.
  • SmoothPlex: a proprietary blend of silk amino acids and kukui nut oil that adds moisture, natural shine and smooth control to medium to coarse hair.
  • Glyco-Color Shield: dual protection technology protects your scalp from damage and irritation caused by chemical services such as highlights, lowlights, permanent waves, and relaxers, while preserving your hair color.





  Nioxin starter packs are £29






Super Cover Professional make-up range


Foundations- £30

  • A water activated cream based make-up
  • 40 shades to suit every skin tone
  • Protects skin from sun and wind burn
  • Won't cake, crease or streak
  • High pigment level ensures colour fidelity
  • Lasts up to 12 hours
  • Suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin
  • Cruelty free: against animal testing
  • Contains no alcohol, lanolin, mineral oils or perfume
  • Anti-inflammatory formula that is calming to the skin

Loose powders- £20


Supercover Ultralucent Fine Powders will set Supercover foundation, velvetise the face and provide a water resistant finish. These powders can also be used alone for a matte finish. There are five shades available to choose from including the 'Colourless' powder which can be used on any skin tone.

Lip sticks- £12


Primer- £36

The perfect under base primer with adifference. The silicon based with Aloe Vera Extract acts as a natural barrier against the harmful elements.
Simply apply all over your face just like a moisturiser. The silky finish visibly helps to soften large pores, lines & wrinkles for a youthful apperance.
Great for HD work, bridal and digital photography as the product is non greasy or oily. Adheres to skin and helps Foundations last many hours longer.











Mix up the voltage


Collagen Lip Plumper non injectable peptide and lash construct serum for longer, thicker lashes



Hi impact brow









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